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How car insurance works
The first step to buying car insurance—or reviewing your current policy—is understanding how it works and what it can protect. This guide provides the info you need to know.How car insurance works
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Nonstandard auto insurance: Your ultimate guide

Millions of drivers carry nonstandard auto insurance because they’re considered high-risk—due to low credit, accident history, or other factors. Learn how nonstandard car insurance works with our guide.

Auto insurance guide
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Seasonal motorcycle insurance

Canceling your motorcycle insurance when your bike is in storage for the winter may seem like an easy way to save money. But the risks of not carrying motorcycle insurance in winter outweigh the rewards.

Seasonal insurance
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Insurance 101
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Bodily injury liability insurance
If you’re at fault in an accident, bodily injury liability insurance can help cover the other party’s medical costs. Learn more about this important—and frequently required—coverage.
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Tips to manage car insurance costs and possible rate changes
Whether you’re reviewing your policy, shopping around, or even purchasing a new vehicle, there are ways to manage your car insurance costs—even when rates change. Check out this article for some tips.
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The importance of off-road insurance
If you own an off-road vehicle, it may not be covered under your auto or motorcycle policy. See how purchasing off-road insurance can help protect you and your ORV.
Illinois open road
Elizabeth Scales Mound Road – A Motorcycle route through rural Illinois
Ride your motorcycle through the Driftless Area of the Midwest on Elizabeth Scales Mound Road—a quiet country road with gentle curves, forest-covered ridgelines, and charming small towns.
Rider tossing up the keys to motorcycle
Should you let someone borrow your motorcycle?
Whether a friend has asked to borrow your bike or a potential buyer wants to take a test ride, letting someone else use your motorcycle comes with risks. It’s up to you, so here’s what to consider.
Foggy Morning on The Rockcastle River, KY, where the Kentucky's Rattlesnake Highway is.
Ride the Rattlesnake Highway: Kentucky Route 192
Kentucky’s Rattlesnake Highway is a thrilling 12-mile motorcycle route that twists through Daniel Boone National Forest. Take a look at our complete guide to plan your trip.
Safety tips
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Car theft prevention tips: How to keep your vehicle safe
Over 1 million vehicles were stolen in 2022. Don't let your car become part of this growing trend. Follow these steps to help protect your vehicle.
Anti-theft lock on a steering wheel.
The top 5 most stolen vehicles and how to reduce your theft risk
Is your vehicle at risk of being stolen? Find out if it's one of the top 5 most stolen vehicles in America and learn how you can help keep it safe with these simple tips.
Person steering a car
10 essential vehicle safety tips
When it comes to protecting yourself, your passengers, and other drivers, even the smallest steps can make a difference. This article describes 10 essential safety tips for drivers like you.
Vehicle maintenance
Man properly hosing down dirty ATV.
An ATV/UTV maintenance guide
A well-maintained ATV or UTV can help keep you safe on the trail. With the right tools, you can perform some maintenance at home, while other tasks are best left to the pros. Here’s our guide.
Close up image of a motorcycle tire
Motorcycle tire pressure: What to check before hitting the road
Cool weather riding adds to the smart preparations you should make to get your motorcycle—and especially your tires—ready. Check the air pressure in your tires to help ensure you'll arrive at your destination safely. We explain why.
Man working on a car battery
How to change your own car battery in 8 steps
Does your car battery need to be replaced? Learn how to find out, and how you can replace your car’s battery in 8 easy steps. From gathering the right tools to starting the engine, we’ll guide you step-by-step.
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