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Learning Center—auto insurance basics

There’s a lot of information surrounding car insurance. We’re here to help you understand it—and provide some truth behind popular beliefs in the auto insurance world. In the Dairyland® Learning Center, learn the basics of car insurance, including coverage terms, how to lower your insurance costs, and what really happens to your insurance rate when you turn 25.
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Property damage liability insurance is required in most states and helps cover you if you cause an accident. Without it, you’d have to pay out of pocket for damage to the other person’s car and property.
Thinking about getting liability insurance? It's a good choice if you're on a tight budget and have an older car. But if you have a new or expensive vehicle, “full coverage” might be your best bet.

25 May, 2023
Learning to drive is a big milestone. Knowing how to properly teach someone to drive is also a big deal. Permits, requirements, and insurance details are important. So is your technique. Learn more.

19 May, 2023
Practicing defensive driving can help you stay safe and focused, avoid accidents, and even save money on your car insurance. Our guide includes seven tips you can practice every time you drive.

7 April, 2023
Avoiding road rage helps protect you, your car, and everyone else on the road. Learn how to avoid aggressive drivers and keep your cool behind the wheel with these 10 safety tips.

3 March, 2023
Jump starting your car may actually be simpler than you realize. Our how-to guide shares nine steps you can apply to safely jump start your car—so you can get back behind the wheel quickly.

24 February, 2023
The first step to buying car insurance—or reviewing your current policy—is understanding how it works and what it can protect. This guide provides the info you need to know.

29 December, 2022
Millions of drivers carry nonstandard auto insurance because they’re considered high-risk—due to low credit, accident history, or other factors. Learn how nonstandard car insurance works with our guide.

29 November, 2022
Several factors can lead you to being labeled a high-risk driver, from a DUI to a low credit score. With this guide, we’ll help you learn the fundamentals of high-risk auto insurance.

25 November, 2022
If you’re at fault in an accident, bodily injury liability insurance can help cover the other party’s medical costs. Learn more about this important—and frequently required—coverage.

24 October, 2022